How to Order Wine at a Restaurant

How to Order Wine at a Restaurant

Wine is one of those drinks that you will find yourself ordering while at a restaurant. With a variety of wine types and brands, it is imperative to know a thing or two about the wine ordering process. Here are some few practical tips that will help you order wine appropriately while at a restaurant.

Consult the sommelier

A sommelier is a professional in the hospitality industry who specialises in wine service. Getting assistance from a sommelier while placing your order means that you will be guided by someone who understands the wine men much more than you do. Besides telling you about the wine’s personality and history, they can also help you to choose unusual wines to make your dining experience more exciting.

Taste the Wine When Offered

Most people turn down the opportunity to taste some free wine. A chance to taste wine is usually an opportunity to help you narrow down your choices. Well aware that at five percent of corked wines served in most restaurants fall short in many respects. Tasting free wine, thus, will undoubtedly help you weed out some varieties that you do not find appealing.

Start With an Aperitif

There is a reason why pre-dinner drinks are served in hotels. This drink should offer a “drying effect,” which helps to sweep away any flavours in your mouth and prepares you for the meal. Dry wine can be an excellent pre-dinner drink for wine fanatics. After you are done with your meal, you can now order that sweet cocktail that you have been craving for.

It Is Ok to Pour Your Wine

Part of the wine serving process requires the waiter to open the bottle for you and pour the first round for you. If there is a need to top up, the waiter should be at your service to ensure you leave the restaurant satisfied. At times, you might consider requesting the manager to come and pour your wine if you are finding it challenging to grab the attention of the waiter. But if the restaurant is understaffed, as it is the practise while it comes to cutting costs, you can always pour your wine.

Some considerations should inform the process of ordering wine at a restaurant. Besides the tips shared above, it is imperative to understand the food-wine combinations and be accommodating. If you are not so sure about how to go about this process, always feel free to consult.