How to Serve Wine at a Wedding

How to Serve Wine at a Wedding

Wine themed weddings are becoming quite common nowadays. When the subject of having a wedding comes up, a vision of having bubbly champagnes often comes to the minds of most people. But which is the best type of wine for a wedding? If you love wine and you are passionate about incorporating it into your wedding day, there are a variety of options to help you realise your dream. With that in mind, here is a list of top tips to help you serve the right wine for your wedding.


In every industry, there are experts to help anyone who needs their help. This also applies when it comes to choosing wine for your wedding. As much as you love wine, the chances are that you do not have what it takes to address the varying tastes of your guests. With a consultant, you will be able to tap into their expertise in the wine industry to ensure that your guests appreciate the superb drops served.

Inject Some Traditional Flair

Modern couples tend to incorporate some modern features into their beverage menu. As much as this might be a bad thing to do, there will always be some moment where going traditional could be the real deal. For instance, you can have someone come up with a tray of bubbles just before people get started with the speeches.

Consider the Season

The wine served at any wedding can be established using some considerations. The time of the year can be used to tell whether the wine served will be red, white, or sparkling. Winters, for instance, are ideal for wines that are reasonably heavy such as Shirazes and Cabernets. But the servings are largely informed by personal preferences considering that many people tend to stick to their wine preferences.

It Is Not Just About Dinner

While serving too much wine during a wedding can make people lose track of the events of the day, it can also help them remember the day. In light of this fact, you should consider bestowing some piccolos upon your guests. If possible, have them in personalised gift boxes to make your guests feel appreciated.

Spend Within Your Means

Every couple is budget-conscious as far as their big day is concerned. It is, therefore, essential to ensure you save money. This does not mean that you should sacrifice good wine to save a few pounds.

Making plans for a wedding is really about having something that matches the celebration that they are having. Through consultation, it becomes a lot easy for you to provide your guests with all the essential options. This way, they will leave the party saying that the wine was fantastic, and not just the food.